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***ALERT***This video contains some mild profanity and may not be appropriate for small children Filmed in 2005 but as relevant as if It was shot yesterday. Please excuse the quality of this video it was shot on VHS before we had the advantage of all the new technology. The bottom line is, this video needs to be seen by every parent who has a child they want to protect. There are a lot of weirdo’s in this world preying on our kids, Will your child know what to do or will they be a statistic. Learn what to do - if they are being assaulted by a older larger kid at school - if someone is trying to carry them off or abduct them - if they are walking and an adult approaches them from behind - if someone is chasing them at the steps of your house - if a car drives up and wants to ask your kid a question Learn how should they react or protect themselves in all these situations.. Do your responsibility and purchase this video for less that you will spend for a fast food lunch. As a father of three children I always had a concern about bullies at school but my real fear was if an adult tried to grab one of my kids. I was asked by several parents who knew I was deeply involved in self defense to create a video for them and this is the result. What you need to understand about child abductions: size matters. This isn't some made up video filled with fantasy techniques performed by some martial prodigy .... I grabbed my young son (who didn't know what we were going to do) and started rolling film. My company is world renowned for creating the worlds first truly behaviorally-based self-defense methodology, the SPEAR System and the most realistic form of scenario-based training. What it did is reverse engineer a process with suggestions, demos, drills for parents (or even conscientious martial arts and self-defense instructors) to think about and then go through the moves with their kids. Again, like our woman's series, you don't need equipment per se or to sign up at a school *Thats not to say that a passionate trainer/instructor, ideally with experience in our system wouldn't help move things a along! They would! But your kids safety starts at home. You need to understand the risks and scenarios and make an educated choice on what and when to talk to your kids about these subjects. This video will also help you vet and select a good self defense instructor should you choose to augment your child's training.